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The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
Résumés, commentaries & Extrapolations
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This is the essence of all religions, sciences, arts and businesses: the Power of Now.

And the essence of the Power of Now is:

"Let go, get free from your conditioning, accept reality with humility! Adapt your views, methods, tools, investments, concepts, models, theories, beliefs, actions, {(body <----> speech <----> mind) x (individual <----> collective)} … to the actual situation, to the present moment, to what is, to reality as it is here & now, or go extinct. Or, at least, as much as you can."

"The Power of Now is the power that comes from adapting to the present moment, to what is, to reality as it is here & now, in opposition to the virtual reality created / imagined / developed by our minds. It comes from adapting our views of self (subject) <----> of the world (object) <----> and our actions (action) to be more and more in accord with the present moment, with what is, with reality as it is here & now, instead of always reacting to the virtual reality created / imagined / developed by our minds (individually <----> collectively), and conditioned by our past, our evolution, our emotions, concepts, models, theories, beliefs. This virtual reality is relatively efficient and useful, but never absolute, never the last word; so we should never bet everything on it. It should always be tested, compared to the real reality as it is, and which is directly perceivable only here & now."


Note 1: A / B means that A or B.
Note 2: A <----> B means that A & B are interdependant (one implies the other), inseparable (one cannot exists without the other; they always come and go together), relative (one is defined in relations to the other; never absolute – at best, mere conventional truths & methods), non-dual (not one, not multiple; not identical, not different), dependently co-arisen <----> empty of inherent existence (the union / inseparability / interdependance / relativity / non-duality of the  two dimensions / truths).
Note 3: ex. {(Body <----> speech <----> mind) x (individual <----> collective)} / {(body <----> mental) x (individual <----> collective)} means: a) the body (all material posessions, internal & external), and mental (speech & mind) (perceptions, thoughts, memories, ideas, emotions, models, theories, beliefs...) of an individual are inseparable, interdependant, relative, non-dual; b) also, the body and mental (speech and mind) of an individual  are inseparable, interdependant, relative, non-dual with the collective's body, mental (speech & mind); c) the collective symbolises all possible levels of groups that each individual can be part of (an infinity) and their fabrications / investments; they are all interrelated. The boundaries between the body & mind / mental, and between the individual & collective, are very fuzzy, purely conventional  <---->  empty of inherent existence.
Note 4: ex. {Dependent origination <----> Emptiness of inherent existence} means that the two dimensions of anything / everything, the two truths about reality, are inseparable, interdependant, relative, non-dual; they are themselves dependently co-arisen <----> empty of inherent existence, conventional truths. There is no absolute to grasp anywhere.